6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021

Home Décor trends for this year are geared towards picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy shots that can be pegged and replicated into your own home space. Nevertheless, timeless pieces are still a design staple; likewise, a few furniture pieces from the retro era are making a comeback.

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Naturally, sustainability and minimalist elements are still a strong contender as top décor pieces this year. Moreover, overall aesthetics are on softly rounded lines, refined layout, with a vital accent piece. There is a subtle blend of natural, retro, and calming vibes in interior design trends. Furthermore, there is a clamour to integrate functionality in spaces with the need for setting up a home office area highlighting low maintenance and easy to clean rooms. In light of the work from home setup, Pinterest-worthy spaces are substantially favoured as other people take a peek into each other’s living arrangements daily.

Read on to draw inspiration on the top six home décor and interior design trends you’ll want to integrate into your new home or remodelling project.

6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021 1

Indoor garden and nature

Nature-inspired design and authentic greenery are the coveted design trends for this year. It is easy on the eyes and likewise fulfilling to see your plants grow and bloom. Nowadays, succulents, plants, and flowers are the new pets. They serve as low-maintenance companions that purify the air and beautify home spaces. Indoor plants complement warm brown hues and tones, including natural wood elements. For full effect, they can be strategically situated near the window, as a centrepiece, or as a hanging décor. Always do due diligence in selecting the perfect greenery for your home. Moreover, choose those that will thrive on minimal care as much as possible. Here are the best indoor plant recommendations for your home that prosper in indirect sunlight with minimal water.

  • Snake plant
  • Monstera
  • Palm
  • Fig tree
  • Selloum plant
  • Rubber tree
6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021 2

70’s retro

A subtle hint of retro is enough to transform any living space into something new, different, and unique. 70’s retro elements include moss green, burnt orange, and warm neutral colours that can be applied as accent pieces, centrepieces, or as a theme for a living space. In addition, antique shops and local flea markets are swarming with details from the ’70s with distinct and warm colours, patterns, and vintage designs.

6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021 3

Minimalism is still king

They say minimalism is not for everyone. Consequently, minimalism done right elevates the liveability factor of any home space by focusing on the central purpose of the room while maintaining cleanliness and organization. To integrate minimalism this year, select one or two primary materials like furniture and limit ornamentation or decorative pieces. Stimulate visual interest through the utilization of different textures and contrasting surfaces. For example, you may use wood or steel elements combined with textured tile or carpet as background.

A simplistic look is easy to achieve, contrary to popular opinion. All it takes is focusing on the inhabitant’s day to day needs and chores, and the home space shall adjust to it. For example, a bedroom may only need a bed and a multifunctional closet. Various bed and fitted wardrobe suppliers can combine comfort, top-notch design, and functionality into a minimalist living space. Tap those experts to achieve a trendy and practical bedroom for your home.

6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021 4

Zen and eco-friendly living

Sustainable living interiors and zen elements feature light wood, simplistic lines, and floating surfaces. It is meant to encourage ingenuity and sustainability likewise highlight the many benefits of mindfulness and undistracted living. The spaces focus on minimalist elements but with organic and natural ornamentation. Typically, plants and garden features are associated with zen and calming aesthetics.

6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021 5

Multifunctional spaces

Nowadays, spaces are encouraged to be practical and multifunctional. Single-use areas are considered obsolete and wasteful. Moreover, every nook and cranny of a living space must be put into good use through intelligent and practical room-dividing tactics. Take advantage of vertical space opportunities of a room by installing ladders, platforms, and shelving.

With a heightened interest in setting up a home office space in light of the global pandemic, multifunctional spaces are the way to achieve this. Creating a home office space is an efficient way to make any space work hard for the inhabitant. Furthermore, keep in mind functionality, practicality, and aesthetics must ensure productivity. Here are five factors to consider.

  • Location
  • Equipment
  • Storage
  • Colour
  • Décor
6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021 6

Rounded edges

This year, one of the top design trends is integrating soft, curvy, and feminine furniture pieces in living spaces. They complement angled fixtures while throwing into the mix a comfortable and soothing vibe. Typically, softened elements ensure lightness and calmness in the room. Significant examples of rounded designs are C-shape sofas, contemporary chairs, and soft-edge tables and drawers.

Home Décor trends integration

Never fret! This year, create your dream house by integrating these six interior home design trends that fully capture trending elements, vibes, and functional considerations for your new home or remodelling project. Ultimately, beyond aesthetics, the inhabitant’s preferences and lifestyle must be taken into consideration above everything.

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