Acupuncture – Lower abdomen

Needling sites:

– random needling of lower abdomen
– anterior superior iliac spine

– intestinal disorders
– lumbago
– bladder problems
– gynaecological problems

Diverticular disease often responds well to local needling over the site of pain.

Ulcerative colitis does extremely well; needling over the lower abdomen is the treatment to use here. All the symptoms (pain, bleeding, diarrhoea) usually improve. Crohn’s disease can be treated in the same way and appears to do well also, though I have seen too few patients to be certain.

Dumping syndrome after partial gastrectomy and vagotomy has responded well to Lr 3.

Gynaecological disorders:

Any painful gynaecological disorder (dysmenorrhoea, pelvic inflammatory disease) can be treated in this way. Dysmenorrhoea gives the best results. Usually tender areas in the leg (Sp 6, Sp 9, Sp 10) would be used as well.

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