Acupuncture – The knee

The knee is one of the best joints to treat with acupuncture; results are generally very good.

Needling Sites:

Sp 9 (Area over tibia, where bone is nearest to surface. Needling
is periosteal.)

– pain in knee of almost any type, not obviously
referred from elsewhere.

Lateral knee area
– over tendon of insertion of tensor fasciae latae.

– acute pain in lateral side of knee (can develop
acutely as a form of sports injury).

The patella can be needled periosteally.
– chondromalacia of the patella and similar pain

Gastrocnemius tendon area (B 57)

– mainly downwards

– intermittent claudication
– night cramps
– Achilles tendonitis (can also surround swelling in tendon)
– plantar fasciitis
– painful heels

Sp 6 – Medial leg
Radiation: sometimes to pelvic area.

– menstrual problems
– endometriosis (sometimes)
– premenstrual tension (also Lr 3)

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