Oriental Medicine – Traditional Chinese Medicine – Introduction to acupuncture. Principles and Effects of acupuncture – Needles and how to use them.

Types of needles

Various types are available, but the main distinction is between those with metal handles (wound with wire) and those with plastic handles. For most purposes Japanese Seirin needles, with plastic handles, are the best of those currently available, but metal handles are required if you wish to use electrical stimulation. The ‘business part’ of the …

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The concept of pain memory

‘Memory’ in this context does not refer to the conscious recollection of painful events, but to the persistence of functional and possibly structural changes in the central nervous system as a result of injury to distant parts of the body. To most patients, and many doctors, to suggest that pain can persist without a ’cause’ …

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Acupuncture – The knee

The knee is one of the best joints to treat with acupuncture; results are generally very good. Needling Sites: Sp 9 (Area over tibia, where bone is nearest to surface. Needling is periosteal.) Indication: – pain in knee of almost any type, not obviously referred from elsewhere. Lateral knee area – over tendon of insertion …

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A fair amount of research in acupuncture has appeared, much of it of rather dubious quality. There are certain intrinsic difficulties confronting anyone who wants to do clinical research of this kind, much of it centred on the choice of a suitable control procedure. To the mildly interested onlooker with no particular interest in acupuncture …


Needle stimulation

The application of electricity to needles was a Chinese innovation. It is usually done by attaching crocodile clips to the needles; obviously at least two needles must be inserted, unless a neutral electrode is used. Often several pairs of needles are inserted. Direct current is unsuitable because it causes an electrochemical effect which weakens the …

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