Aji Cristal

Original Seed Source:
I obtained these through internet correspondence. The seeds were at least second generation with the original seed source listed as Curico, Chile. I obtained the seeds late in season and only grew a few in 2009 and wasn’t able to save seed. In 2011 I planted them again from the original packet of seeds.

Typical c. Baccatum appearance, 2-3 foot tall plants with 4-5 inch long pale yellow peppers. The pods are very delicious. They are medium hot and extremely prolific.

These are the first of of my c. Baccatums to set fruit, which they continue to do until winter frost.

Saving Seed:
I didn’t save any seed of these in 2010. I planted them again in 2011 from the original packet of seeds. I had excellent germination and many self’ed fruits have already set under netting as of late July 2011.

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