Is Your Tray Table in an Eat-Right Position?

Flying away for the holidays? Most women wouldn’t dream of traveling without makeup bags. Why not pack a just-as-essential bag of nutrients for the inner you, especially since in-flight meals and even snacks are getting scarcer? Saves you from feeling starved and attacking the nearest cookie kiosk when you land!

Here’s my favorite stash of totable healthy snacks designed to keep me filled up (but not out, hopefully):


Mini cheddar-cheese or caramel popcorn cakes (10 to 12  Popcorn Cakes: about 100 calories, 1 to 2 grams fat, 2 g. fiber)* Instant low-fat soup in a cup (bean, lentil or pea): I bring plastic spoons and get hot water when the beverage cart goes by. (About 220 cal., 1 g. fat, 6-13 g. fiber)

Apple (80 cal., 0.5 g. fat, 3 g. fiber )

Packet of instant, nonfat hot cocoa mix: I get a cup and hot water from the beverage cart. (25 cal., 0 g. fat)

Chocolate hard candies: These last longer than a whole candy bar, for a fraction of the calories. I always save some to perk me up in baggage claim. ( 20 cal., 0 g. fat apiece.)

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