Wanna know about the unknown? New discovered things about the past, about the old civilizations, about the ancestors, about who we really are. Where do we come from?

Esna temple temple dedicated to khnum the ram god

Ancient Egypt – Esna

The ram god, Khnum, was thought of as responsible for the creation of mankind, which he made from the mud of the Nile on his potter’s wheel. The temple located at Esna is a tribute to him. Khnum is a very ancient deity dating back to the Old Kingdom, and was closely associated with creation …

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Egyptian hieroglyphics - the origins of writing

The origins of writing

As you read this, you are taking advantage of an invaluable communications tool that has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia 3000 years ago: the written word. But accepted therories on the origin of writing are in question since a 1998 discovery. At the time Reuters reported a German archaeologist’s Egyptian hieroglyphic find which gave rise …

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Tabula smaragdina astrological chart

The Astrological Chart Natal Hexagram or I Ching – Discover the Power

The astrological chart Natal Hexagram is one of my major interests in the study of the mysteries is the investigation of parallels between various disciplines. Whether these parallels are the result of independent orgin or by communication between the different cultures in most cases is a gray area that cannot be precisely pinpointed. This is very …

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The I Ching – Trigrams

Click on the Trigram to see its Qualities (Binary Arrangement) Fu Hsi Arrangement | King Wen Arrangement Khwan (K’un) CONCEPT: Docility / Submissive / Earth. QUALITIES: Passive – Earth – Female – Receptive – Weak – Responsive – Yielding – Devoted – Flexible – Soft – Calm – Wife – Patient – Moderate – Empty …

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Ancient Egypt - Abydos 13

Ancient Egypt – Abydos

Abydos is a sacred part of Egypt as it is symbolically important to the god Osiris. Osiris was a very powerful god and represented resurrection and eternal life. He is perceived as the supreme god, and was revered in life as well as the afterlife. As death was taken very seriously by the ancient Egyptian …

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Ancient Egypt - Saqqara 15

Ancient Egypt – Saqqara

Saqqara is the location of the famous Step Pyramid, the grandfather of all pyramids. The Step Pyramid is the oldest stone structure known in the world and is also home to an immense necropolis, or cemetery. It has been speculated that this is where many of the people involved in constructing the pyramids were laid …

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