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Q: What would you recommend for an anti-tumoral herb? I have a friend with a benign tumor
on her pituitary. They are giving her hormones because her adrenalin gland has been affected as a result.
Chaparral? Yucca? Should she continue taking the hormones along with it?

A: Has she tried shark liver oil? It is supposed to be very good. Sharks do not ever get tumours, no matter what they are exposed to. This has been attributed to alkoxyglycerols in their liver. Make sure you buy the ones that contain these. Cheaper brands often don’t. Dosages should be on the bottle.

Shark liver oil is excellent for cancer. It is immune stimulatory, supports the thymus due to vitamin A content, and is antitumor due to the presence of restim and squalene in the liver oil. Restim was studied back in the 60s as an antitumor compound.It was found to be highly effective against various cancers. Though like all effective therapies for which a patent cannot be obtained the studies were halted.

The book Sharks Don’t get Cancer set off rumors that sharks are immune to cancer which is not true. Cancer is rare in sharks, but it does occur, as does a form of herpes. So it is not advised to be kissing any sharks. When the book came out claims started that sharks were immune to cancer due to their cartilage which contains angiogenesis inhibitors. This was sales hype. Their cartilage does not play a role in their immunity. Actually a shark’s immune system produces antibodies and interferon levels at a level 10 times higher than humans do. In addition they only have one class of antibody, which is very strong. Unlike most humans, the shark’s immune system does not decline with age. This is why scientists have worked for decades to find a way to transfer shark’s antibodies in to humans to fight cancer. But the antibodies are a foreign substance, and they have not figured out how to bypass the human immune system to prevent the rejection of the antibodies. This is one of the projects I have been working on for the last 20 years. I have 2 ideas on how to bypass the human immune system, but I will have to wait until I can set up my shark tanks again to complete the research.

Anyway the alkglycerols are immune stimulatory, but I do not believe they are the main immune protector of sharks.

The best antitumor herbs are chaparral, pau ‘d arco, myrrh gum, red clover, dulse, and small doses of poke root. Yucca is also antitumor, and the saponins will help with the absorption of the other herbs. But it should not be used in large amounts either. The saponins can break down blood cells in large amounts. It is best to mix the herbs in a formula rather than use them individually. Many of hte herbs potentiate each other such as chaparral-pau d’ arco, or chaparral-red clover.

Some mushrooms are also good for tumors. My preferences are turkey tails and chagas, though other choices include maitake, shitake, reishi, oyster, wood ear (black fungus), and artist’s conch.
She should stay away from sugar, alcohol, aspartame, meats and dairy.
Green tea would be good for her to drink, and spring water. I do not like R/O or distilled water because they will pull beneficial minerals from the body.

If she has access to an ozone unit which has a tube running from it, such as ultraviolet or cold corona units, she can use the ozone to destroy the tumor. She just lays her head sideways and blows the ozone in to the ear. Ozone readily penetrates tissues, and will enter the brain where it can destroy the tumor. The set up has to be done in a way though so she will not be inhaling the ozone. Ozone can damage lung tissue if inhaled in high concentrations.

I don’t like the idea of the hormones she is taking, but they will be necessary until her adrenals start full production of these hormones again.

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