Anyone can find time to walk

I drive for a package delivery company and spend most of my 12- 14 hour work days in my truck, (from 6 am – 9 p.m.). I love to walk but I’m limited to the weekend. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get more exercise during the day, with so many hours behind the wheel? I fear I will start gaining weight. I have been eating more fruit and salads for lunch, along with water, but I have to watch how much I drink because I don’t have the luxury of a bathroom when I need it. I love my job and I don’t want to change that. Any suggestions would be truly welcome.

I can’t imagine that you don’t get out of your truck for 12-14 hours. As you say, you have to eat, you have to use the bathroom and you have to stretch your legs. Do you know that even short walks will help you keep the weight off and improve your sense of well being?

When you’re in familiar territory, park your truck and “take a hike.” Even if it’s only up to the corner and back, it’s good for you! Driving all day without breaks is a sure way to end up with a bad back that your company will be paying for in sick benefits. Make sure you get the breaks you’re entitled to – and spend a good portion of them on your feet, not sitting in a restaurant.

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