Are ganglion cysts dangerous?

Q: Are ganglion cysts dangerous? I have had one for over a year and it hasn’t given me any trouble. People want me to have it removed. What is the status on these?

A: Except for producing a lump, ganglions are of no significance clinically. A ganglion is a thin-walled, simple cyst arising in the connective tissue of the joint capsule or in a tendon sheath. It contains clear musinous fluid, which occurs most commonly on the extensor surfaces of the hands and feet, especially the wrist. If the lesion is painful, it can be easily removed surgically.

A ganglion on the dorsum of the wrist was traditionally treated by a blow with the family Bible.

Homeopathic remedies also have been used to treat ganglion cysts: calcarea carbonica, silicea, sulphur, and ruta.

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