Are pacifiers necessary?

Is it better to let your child suck on a pacifier or not to? What can you tell me about pacifiers?

are pacifiers necessary

Are pacifiers necessary?

Pediatric experts disagree on pacifier use. The infant’s urge to suck is greatest in the first six months of life and declines thereafter. Some babies need more sucking to satisfy them than others do. Some babies will discover their own thumbs or fingers to suck.

After six months or so, most babies do not need pacifiers, and they can be disposed of. My personal opinion is that pacifiers generally are not necessary, but for the baby who seems to need more than the average amount of sucking that breast or bottle-feeding provides, a pacifier is certainly not harmful. It can be safely eliminated after about six months of age or so. Pacifiers after the age of one year are certainly unnecessary, become more difficult to eliminate, and interfere with the important developmental tasks of the second year of life.

The problem often appears in the moment when it’s time to get rid of it. Many parents consider to be easier for them (not for the kids) to let them continue. They don’t like when the child asks for it and starts to cry, this is would be one reason I consider it’s not necessary at all.

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