Arnica improves the healing of wounds, pulled muscles

Parts Used:
Flower and root.

Arnica contains active constituents that have antiseptic, antifungal and disinfectant properties. Arnica also contains constituents that have a healing effect and promote the reabsorption of bruises.

Arnica has been used as an expectorant, for pain relief, relieves coughs, improves the healing of wounds, pulled muscles, swellings, bruises and skin irritations.

Use tinctures and ointments according to label instructions. An arnica compress can be used for swellings, bruises and pain.

* Do not take arnica internally unless under supervision of a qualified health professional. * Use only professionally prepared salves containing arnica as a mixture that is too strong may cause further irritation. * Do not use arnica on broken skin. * It is advised to skin test arnica products if you have sensitive skin.

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