Andrew C

Everything is changing and transient from one moment to another. In this life I have the opportunity to change something by telling everyone something about truth, nature, love, universe, peace and tranquility, balance and respect we should have for nature around us.

Bot flies

Bot Flies

Description: The bot fly is not your average housefly. The various species can be described as myiatic flies, meaning they invade living tissue or organs of humans and animals when they are still in their larvae stage. In their adult form, species like the Horse Stomach bot fly Gasterophilus intestinalis resemble honey bees and are …

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Overcoming your allergies

Anti-Sneeze – 5 Ways to overcoming your seasonal allergies

For a lot of people, spring fever is a bit too literal—it means seasonal allergies. With plant pollen already afloat in much of the United States, many allergy sufferers are stocking their medicine cabinets with antihistamines, which control symptoms but can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and dry mouth. “Many of my patients are tired of the side …

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Esna temple temple dedicated to khnum the ram god

Ancient Egypt – Esna

The ram god, Khnum, was thought of as responsible for the creation of mankind, which he made from the mud of the Nile on his potter’s wheel. The temple located at Esna is a tribute to him. Khnum is a very ancient deity dating back to the Old Kingdom, and was closely associated with creation …

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