B vitamins help in osteoporosis cases

Calcium is an essential mineral for the health of our bone system. But the same importance has even the folic acid intake and and other vitamins of the B complex, as the researchers say. Already known for the role of prevention of congenital malformations, these miraculous nutrimente seem to hold an important role and in the case of osteoporosis, according to the results of two studies.

Vitamins from B complex helps to decrease the level of homocistein, an amino acid which is present in excess in the body and can cause an increased risk of cerebral vascular accidents, heart attack or Alzheimer’s disease. More recently, Dutch researchers have discovered that a high level of at least homocisteine can double the risk of fracture due to osteoporosis, and an american study has confirmed these results.

Dr. Douglas p. Kiel, american leader of the study, said: “the easiest Way to keep a reduced level of homocisteine is an increased intake of vitamins of the B complex.” He considers that a standard multivitamin is able to decrease the amount of homocisteine to a dangerous level. Also, the food rich in vitamin B and calcium – milk, broccoli and other vegetables, carrots, nuts, etc. – can reduce substantially the risk of fractures. Experts recommended that, in addition to food and vitamin supplements, practicing physical exercises regularly, such as walking or lifting loads, for maintaining muscle strenght and the density of the bone until ages submitted.

Osteoporotic fracture filling minerals constitutes one of the most serious health problems to the people of the third age. Basically, 20% of them ends with the death of patients in a range of more than a year, due to infections and other complications.

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