Baby walker warning

Several years ago, a neighbor gave me a baby walker. My little girl absolutely loves it. As soon as I put her in the seat, she sticks out her legs and begins wheeling herself around like she’s training for the Olympics. Now a friend tells me that baby walkers are unsafe. Is this true?

We’ve been trying to get the word out for a while: Don’t use baby walkers! Not only are they very dangerous, but there’s no developmental advantage in using one.

We see a tremendous number of head injuries and broken arms caused by baby walkers. Toddlers go down the stairs with them, fall over them, and ram into floor dividers with them. Even in a safe home, where there are no stairs, walkers become so popular that the family takes it to grandma’s house, and the child falls down the stairs there. A few years back there was a movement to ban baby walkers, though I don’t know what happened to that. So my suggestion is: Burn it!

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