Bergamot uplifting effect that reduces stress

Parts Used:
Bergamot rind.

The aroma of this essential oil has an uplifting effect that reduces stress and anxiety. The oil also has an antibacterial effect useful for infection.

Bergamot is used in aromatherapy for anxiety and other stress-related conditions, skin problems such as cold sores and acne, it is also used to reduce the oiliness of skin and can be massaged onto the abdomen (in a clockwise action) for cystitis. Bergamot is used in many cosmetic preparations because of its lovely aroma. It is also used as an ingredient in Earl Grey tea.

Bergamot can be massaged on to the skin when blended with carrier oil – ratio should be 3-5:100. It can be applied neat or diluted in a small amount of alcohol onto cold sores, boils, acne and chicken pox. Bergamot can also be used in a burner (6 drops) or warm bath (10 drops) for stress and anxiety.

Do not apply directly to the skin before exposure to the sun as bergamot can cause photosensitivity, which can last a few days.

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