BIOTIN metabolize nutrients

Used by the body to metabolize nutrients, utilize the B group vitamins, in the manufacture of fatty acids and helps with healthy cell growth.)


300 mcg

Deficiency Symptoms
Similar to other B group deficiencies including dermatitis, depression, anemia, loss of appetite and nausea.

Raw egg white, fats and oils that have been exposed to the air for a prolonged time or to heat, reduce the absorption of biotin. Saccharin (artificial sweetener), sulfonamide drugs and antibiotics also reduce the absorption of biotin.

H vitamin, called biotin or choline , is a water-soluble vitamin that occurs in the degradation of fatty acids, certain amino acids and glucose . It is a vitamin that is destroyed in the heat and humidity , but light, alkalinity and oxygen affect it . Prevent cholesterol deposition on arterial walls and helps eliminate unnecessary toxic substances and metabolites accumulate in the body , facilitates liver function ( helping to eliminate toxins from the body ) and gallbladder – facilitates the proper use of fats and cholesterol from the body.

Indications – Choline is indicated in : improving memory capacity, treating alcoholism, in atherosclerosis , hypertension, hypercholesterolemia , hypoglycemia , stress , liver cirrhosis , dizziness, stomach ulcer, heart pain , kidney failure , skin and tongue inflammation. It’s concentration in the body determines and stimulates hair growth , hemoglobin decreased , loss of appetite , fatigue , altered psyche , soothe sore muscles . The effectiveness of this vitamin increases in association with vitamins A, B9 , B12 and inositol . Opponents of the biotin are sulfonamides , alcohol and food processing techniques . Vitamin B8 is essential for people with brittle nails , the recommended daily dose being of 0.3 mg ( 300 mcg) .

Natural Sources of Biotin

Vitamin B8 comes from food like: brewers yeast, soybeans, meat, brain, heart , liver and kidney , egg yolk , dairy products , milk, certain vegetables , whole grains , corn, molasses , dandelion , nuts , mushrooms , spinach , tomatoes, carrots , but it is partially synthesized by intestinal flora .

natural sources of biotin

Synonym : Vitamin B8 , biotin , choline .

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