Body, Mind and Spirit

The Ultimate Connection.

What is it that makes the difference between illness and wellness?

That subject has been debated, studied and theorized for thousands of years. In previous articles, I have suggested that the Immune System is what keeps us healthy, as it segregates and destroys harmful and potentially disease-promoting substances. In other words, your own body will keep you well! The truth about health is that your body can and will heal itself, if it is given the proper tools. Doctors really can’t heal, they can provide you some of the necessary tools that allow or stimulate your body to heal itself.

One of the most important tools we can use to promote wellness is what I call “The Ultimate Connection”, Body, Mind and Spirit. It is why I work in the Holistic Health field. It means that there is a connection among our physical bodies, our mind and our spirit. Humans are spiritual beings, although all are not religious. I believe that in order for the body to be healthy, the mind and spirit must be health also.

In my consulting work, (I am a Nutritional Consultant and Minister) people generally come to me with physical health problems. As we work together, I have them look for possible causes of the physical problems that may be in the mind and spirit. Very often someone will admit or discover that their spiritual heart is broken due to a broken or difficult relationship (death, divorce and abuse are the most common) or other stress factor. When we look at that as the possible cause of the physical disease, they can work to heal the emotional pain, and that often leads to healing the physical problem.

How do we heal emotional pain? The first step is acknowledgement, and then comes forgiveness (of yourself and/or others). This is essential to complete and lasting health

I believe that the mind ultimately controls the body. When the mind is focused, either consciously or unconsciously, on being sick, the body often responds accordingly. I’ve known some people who were extremely fearful of getting cancer, and eventually they did. It’s something to think about. Of course, there are physical causes of physical problems, be they toxic material, genetics, and the like. I just want you to think about the importance of the mind and spirit in your physical health.

For many years the medical community specialized in treating patients’ problems in isolation. Someone with a skin ailment goes to a Dermatologist. Someone with a heart problem sees a Cardiologist. That may work to a degree, however I believe that when the WHOLE person is treated, the cause of the illness may be discovered. Have you known people who have the same problem year after year, sometimes for decades, where they get only temporary relief or control? They may be treating the symptom and not getting to the CAUSE. They may be working only on the body and neglecting the mind and spirit.

Healing emotional wounds through forgiveness and spiritual nourishment are important factors in physical healing. The Body, Mind and Spirit Connection is there. Use it. God Bless.

Dr. Sallie Lau

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