Get the Booby Traps Out of Your Home or Office

Injuries happen, usually because people are not prepared for the unexpected. Yet, with a little common sense and a few precautions, many can be avoided. Here are some simple suggestions to help you avoid injury both at home and on the job:

  • Install smoke detectors.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy near the kitchen.
  • Establish escape routes in case of fire.
  • Buy anti-scald devices for showerheads or faucets, or keep your water heater set at 120 degrees or lower to protect children from scalding.
  • Store drugs and toxic chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Post poison control and other emergency numbers near the phone.

How to prevent falls:

  • Keep a sturdy stepladder handy for reaching high shelves.
  • Install non-slip pads and mats in shower and bathtub areas.
  • Secure carpet and stair treads, and don’t use unsecured throw rugs.
  • Be sure stairways are well lighted.
  • Use nightlights in bathrooms and halls.
  • Never leave objects on stairs.

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