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Top public gardens with Native Plants in Washington D.C.

US National Arboretum 3501 New York Avenue N.E. Washington D.C. (202) 245-2726 The National Arboretum is home to many wonderful trees and plants, and contains an extensive collection of trees, ferns, spring ephemerals, and wildflowers at “Fern Valley”, a naturalized stream garden. Plants are best viewed in the early spring when spring bulbs are blooming. …

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The important algae of the world by country

Africa Spirulina Australia Durvillaea Canada Kelp Chile Durvillaea China Anaebaena-Azolla symbiosis, Laminaria – kombu, Porphyra (nori), Undaria – qundai-cai Denmark Furcillaria fastigiata Fiji Gracilaria (Lumicevata), Hypnea (Lumiwawa), Caulerpa racemosa (Nama), Codium geppii (Sagati) Ireland Gelidium latifolium, Gelidium pulchellum, Porphyra, Chondrus Japan Gelidium amansii, Laminaria – kombu, Porphyra (nori), Undaria – wakame Korea Porphyra (nori) Mexico …

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The Herbal Menopause Book 3

The Herbal Menopause Book

Oh dear… a book by a female herbalist written for womyn about womyn’s stuff. Anything a guy says may be regarded prima facie as partially or wholly suspect; but the author kindly submitted a copy to the Herbal Bookworm for review – so, somewhat daunted the Bookworm rises to the challenge…. The two outstanding features …

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Phytotherapy in Paediatrics by Heinz Schilcher Natural Healing for babies and Children by Aviva Jill Romm Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants by Mary Bove There are (at least) two things going on here. One is quite simply information about how herbs can be used in children’s healthcare. But when taken together these …