Breath and Movement Facilitators

Breath and Movement Facilitators

Dance Therapy

Dance therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the body and its movement/breath patterns to achieve therapeutic goals. The therapist facilitates the client’s movements and connects these to treatment goals, issues and themes. The issues and themes are developed, expressed and worked through in movement and processed verbally. Therapy is done individually and in groups. Dance therapy is used with individuals, couples and families.

Body Centered Transformation

Body Centered Transformation, a therapy developed b Drs. Gay and Kathy Hendricks, honors the body and all of its experiences. Its purpose is to help individuals access their sacred essence by clearing up what gets in the way of full aliveness and creativity. There are nine key strategies and principles used in the process. They are: presensing, magnification, telling the truth, breathwork, movement, taking responsibility, love, manifestation (the act of turning a desire or dream into reality) and grounding. The therapist works with individuals and couples in sessions that last between one and one and a half hours.

Hatha Yoga

There are many different kinds of Hatha yoga, like Kripalu and Iyengar, all teaching movement postures and breathing techniques (pranayama) for relaxation, meditation and well being. In pranayama, the spine is erect, the rib cage positioned to be able to expand and the flow of air is directed through the nose. Students generally take classes with a trained instructor and are encouraged to practice daily for at least 15 minutes.

Soul Dancing

Soul Dancing is dancing and moving with the intention of experiencing spiritual connection. By returning to the Source of creative power and intuition, individuals are able to access a deeper level of knowledge for greater clarity, peace, and well being. It is currently being developed by the author of this article, through her spiritual guidance and years of personal experience. Many times certain music is used, designed to assist in opening the body’s energy systems so individuals can move freely and journey to spiritual realms. Toning/singing, freestyle drawing/art,and writing is also used. Done in groups as well as in private sessions, Soul Dancing is creative and free flowing, constantly changing depending on what’s needed in the moment.

Tai Chi

tai chi breath and movement
Tai Chi coordinates the mind/body/spirit to act in accordance with nature. This is done through a series of slow, continual movements coordinated with breath which have been developed through hundreds of years of Chinese tradition. Beginners typically start in a class of about fifteen people with an instructor. They are encouraged to practice for at least ten minutes to one hour a day on their own.


Holotropic Breathing ™

Holotropic Breathing ™ is the modality which has risen out of the research of Stanislav Grof, M.D., into the psyche and altered states of consciousness through the use breath, music, focused bodywork and mandala art. Individuals are instructed to lie on their back, close their eyes and breathe deeper and faster while listening to highly evocative music specially designed to drive the process. Anything not resolved by the breath and music is further resolved by focused bodywork and artwork. Holotropic Breathing ™ is done in groups ranging from ten to over two hundred people and is available in one to six day formats.


Rebirthing is a breathwork designed to uncover repressed thoughts and feelings related to an individual’s birth, family and sexual history. Breath is brought in to the chest through the mouth in order to stimulate repressed emotional material. Sessions are typically done on a one-on-one basis with the practitioner supporting and supervising the client. Some rebirthers will also use movement to help a client express feelings.

Transformational Breath ™

Transformational Breath ™ is a form of integrative breath that focuses on opening to a more positive and healthier life experience. By breathing into the lower abdomen and raising the breath into the solar plexus, heart and upper chest, suppressed mental and emotional material can be accessed and integrated so individuals are able to live with greater fulfillment and satisfaction. Transformational Breathing ™ is typically done for a few sessions with a trained facilitator who assists their client in learning to breathe by themselves, encouraging independence.

Dance and Movement Therapy

Arlyn Stark: 321-0564


Hendricks Radiant Breath

Mary Kent Norton: (410) 268-2236

Holotropic Breath

Change of Heart
Thomas Brightman: 239-7098

Sacred Dance

Elizabeth Lerner, workshops
301 589-9408

Transformational Breath

Charlotte Abell: (410) 635-2262

Nini Beegan: 825-5221
Towson/Owings Mills

Kathleen Kendricks: 255-8836

Dan & Ariel Marsh: (410) 442-8047
Mount Airy

LeOuita Ann Nichols: 358-7727

Gene & Leveda Troy: (410) 875-0545

The International Breath Institute, formerly Cosmic Breath Institute, offers Personal Enlightenment and Professional Training in the Baltimore area. (800) 484-7248

Soul Dancing

Nini Beegan: 825-5221
Towson/Owings Mills

Tai Chi

Jim Hill: 252-0486

Professor Patrick Watson: 962-1308


Greater Baltimore Yoga Center: 560-2980
Timonium & Baltimore

Kripalu Yoga Classes: 377-9382
many locations in the greater Baltimore area

The Yoga Center: 720-4340
Columbia & Baltimore
Some Definitions

Part 1 – In Our Bodies – Moving and Breathing with Awareness


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