CALENDULA soothing and antiseptic qualities

Parts Used:

Calendula flowers are most commonly used for their soothing and antiseptic qualities and are also beneficial as an anti-inflammatory.

* Stimulates the healing of wounds and soothes pain
* Constricts blood vessels to sop bleeding
* Is beneficial for various skin diseases such as eczema, skin ulceration, acne and burns including sunburn, nappy rash and children’s grazes.
* It is beneficial for the treatment of stomach ulcers and inflammation
* Calendula has been applied in cases of conjunctivitis

Calendula is available as a topical ointment or can be used by dipping cloth into cooled tea and then applying to the effected area. It is also available as a tea for internal use.

Home treatment for eye conditions is not recommended, as absolute sterility is essential. There are no known side effects of calendula except for the very rare case of allergy.

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