Can food aggravate ADD/ADHD?

I work at an elementary school as a physical education teacher. As an educator and one interested in children’s health and fitness, I am concerned with their daily nutrition. Is there any information on the effects of food (nutrition) on children’s behavior or diet modification for children with ADD/ADHD?

Considerable research has been devoted to the understanding and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Nevertheless, the evidence confirming the role of diet in the management of ADD is weak. Furthermore, all children with ADD are not hyperactive and not all hyperactive children have ADD.

Similarly, no studies have confirmed that a diet high in simple sugars causes behavioral problems in children without ADD. On the other hand, plenty of evidence confirms that obesity is on the increase and that many Americans do not choose a well-balanced low-fat, high-fiber diet for themselves or for their children. I recommend a healthy diet and developmentally appropriate exercise for all children.

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