Capsicum Baccatum – Peanut

Original Seed Source:
I obtained these through [Seed Savers Exchange]. This is my first year growing these.

This is how the peppers were listed in the SSE Yearbook:

“Peanut: RI HO P – HAS – C.Chinense, plant 3′ high, fruit .75 x 2″, green => red, shaped like peanuts in the shell, quite hot.”

Even though listed as C. Chinense by the original source I have have moved them to C. Baccatum because they have no similarity to any chinense I’ve ever grown, and do contain most of the stereotypical attributes of C. Baccatums. I’m giving you all the information I have, however contradictory, so that you can decide for yourself.

The plants are 2 feet tall and producing fruit like mad. The fruits do have some resemblance to a peanut with a little imagination. Taste is classic baccatum, and some are surprisingly hot.

Special Saving Seed Info:
No special requirements necessary other than standard netting. They are prolific and set fruit fruit well.

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