Changes you can make to the pizza

Commonly, almost all the pizzas now add a pinch of oregano.

Everything can become useful to garnish pizzas: capers, black and green olives pitted and cut into strips, artichokes, mushrooms sautéed in oil or cut into strips, roasted peppers cut into strips, then all the seafood, anchovies, tuna, thinly sliced ​​ham, salami, diced, lean bacon, even bacon, sausage and spicy Neapolitan, cubed, pork cracklings and so on.

You can also replace mozzarella with other kind cheese,from fontina cheese to Gruyere cheese, from Emmental to Tilsiter, Dutch and Danish, even with gorgonzola cheese, it can also sprinkle with any grated cheese.

You can also add the eggs raw or already cooked and Folio olive oil may be flavored with any flavor you can plant fresh or dried.

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