Cheese as food

After the sugar, cheese is perhaps the most similar food. It contains proteins, fats and minerals, especially calcium, so it is essential in certain diets for deficiency in calcium, particularly weight-loss diets abolishing the flour and bread, calcium intake.

In addition, the fresh cheeses are easier to digestion and through some of their “lactic” correct the damage caused y certain medicines, antibiotics that destroy the intestinal flora. Fresh cheeses are packed with vitamins, particularly A, E, F, B and PP.

The caloric value of cheese varies depending on the kind of fat cheese, medium fat or thin, aged or not, but typically 100 g of cheese a “medium” is equivalent to 330 g beef fillet, 357 g of the veal , more than half a liter of milk, more than half a kilogram of potatoes, 4 eggs and a half.


100g Proteins % Calorie
Bel Paese 21,5 316
Brie 15 325
Camembert 20 325
Emmental 30 400
Gorgonzola 25,98 391
Gonda 30 350
Gruyère 30 400
Mozzarella 26 332
Munster 30 350
Parmigiano Reggiano 41.25 346
Pecorino 35 426
Roquetort 25 325
Stracchino 21 345

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