Chilhuacle Negro

Seed Source:
Obtained through internet correspondence. Originally from the Oaxaca region of Mexico.

This pepper looks like a small Bell pepper only it is a much darker green color. As the pepper matures it slowly turns a dark chocolate brown. When dried the pepper turns a dark black color.

This is a very flavorful pepper with medium to medium hot pungency, When green it has a deep inky flavor somewhat like poblanos only more complex. When dried the flavor is incredible.

These peppers set fruit fairly early but take much longer than most peppers to ripen. If dried ripe fruit is your goal you will need a long growing season. However the unripe flavor is good enough to justify growing these in short season areas.

Special Instructions:
Every once and a while I get a plant when a pointy fruit shape instead of the blocky shape seen in the images. Both types taste and dry the same but I save seed only from the blocky fruit.

Saving Seed:
Standard netting works well for getting self pollinated seeds.

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