Chocolate addiction

I eat bags of chocolate candy and don’t feel sick from it! And I don’t just eat it when I have premenstrual syndrome. I’m 5’1″ and weigh 110 pounds, am 33 years old and have three children. At times I get hyper and moody until the chocolate hits, but I don’t gain weight from it. Except for the chocolate habit, I’m a relatively healthy eater and like a lot of vegetables. Is this a problem?

I would be concerned that you might have diabetes or a kind of eating disorder; you need to rule out these possibilities. Diabetes can be diagnosed by your doctor. An eating disorder requires the expertise of a psychologist/therapist or someone with specialized expertise in this area.

In any case, eating bags of chocolate is not good for you and will have consequences over time. That you don’t gain weight even when you have a binge episode should not reassure you; even thin people can have high levels of cholesterol. Your body does not need chocolate, but is functioning like it does in the face of many additions.

I would suggest getting some guidance from the professionals I mentioned above. You can also start eating more protein to help reduce your cravings.

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