Chubby Pets

People aren’t the only ones who have weight problems.

Nearly 50 percent of all dogs and 25 percent of all cats are overweight. Extra pounds can put your pet at risk for heart disease, liver problems, arthritis and diabetes.

In some cases, you may be feeding your pets too much, or giving them too many table scraps. In other cases, your pets may not be getting enough exercise.

Chubby Pets Here’s what to do:

  • First, feed your pet at certain times during the day. Take the bowl away after your pet walks away; don’t just leave the bowl sitting there.
  • Don’t feed your pet table scraps.
  • Make sure your pets have a place where they can run around a few times a day.
  • Avoid pet foods that contain peanut hulls or cellulose; they can irritate the stomach.
  • Add flax or fish oils to your pet’s food. Those oils may reduce the risk of heart disease while they make your pet’s coat shine.

Keep your pets healthy and happy, and enjoy a long life together!

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