How to clean an uncircumcised child

My 2 1/2-year-old grandson is uncircumcised, and the skin on his penis does not completely clear the head. When I change and bathe him, I pull the skin back as far as I can without hurting him. Should I be doing this?

Yes, you should. It’s important to keep that area clean in an uncircumcised male.

When bathing or changing your grandson, GENTLY pull back the skin and clean it and the areas around it with a washcloth or baby wipe. Be sure you pull the skin back toward the tip, or glans, of the penis when you’re done. This will prevent swelling.

1 thought on “How to clean an uncircumcised child”

  1. No, no, NO!!!

    The only person who should be pulling his foreskin back is the boy himself. There is no need to retract.

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