A Clue to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We still don’t fully understand what causes chronic fatigue, but one study shows it may have something to do with your blood pressure.

chronic fatigue syndromeResearchers found that some patients with chronic fatigue have a condition called neural hypotension. That means their blood pressure may drop when they go from a lying to a standing position. When doctors put some patients on drugs and increased their salt and fluid intake, two-thirds of them said they felt stronger and better able to concentrate.

If you have chronic fatigue, have your doctor give you the “tilt test.” Test your blood pressure on your back, then standing up.

Treating the blood pressure syndrome isn’t a cure for all chronic fatigue sufferers. There may be other things going on, as well. But for some who often live with the stigma that “it’s all in their head,” this combination of medicine, salts and fluids may help.

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