Cold feet, cold hands

Q: I was wondering if anyone had issues with body temperature. My girlfriend has unbelievably cold hands and feet a
majority of the time. Sure this is a poor ciculation issue, she drinks plenty of H2O, is very aware of her diet and gets plenty of sleep. Is there a supplement or some information as to her condition?

A1: Hypothyroidism is one possibility or it could be Raynaud’s syndrome or Raynaud’s- like syndrome which couls also be secondary to hypothyroidism. Have her check her basal body temperature for a few weeks and see if it is consistently low.
Cayenne is good for circulation though it is short in duration. So I add prickly ash bark to the cayenne which is a little weaker, but longer lasting. I also like butcher’s broom a lot for circulation to the extremities.

A2: Very sweet of you to seek out help for your friend. Something that is simple, safe, inexpensive, and very effective is cayenne powder, taken in capsule, one in the morning after breakfast, and one in the early evening after dinner. Cayenne increases the circulation to the extremities. No know side effects, but some people are somewhat disturbed by the warmer-than-usual sensation in their stomaches after taking it. Just be sure to eat before taking. Great stuff! I can’t tell you how much it has helped my grandma with her cold hands and feet!

A3:Sometimes cold extremities are caused by a thyroid problem. You can text for a low thyroid by taking your temperature,under your arm, before you arise. If the temp is 97 or below, you have a low thyroid. I’ve had both hyper and hypothyroid and cold hands/feet are my constant companion. Might be a good idea to check for this.

A4: L-lysine was the ticket to my cold hands and feet.

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