Condensed milk and milk powder

Having a certain amount of milk you can easily condense. Adding 60 g of sugar per liter of fresh milk and stir in evaporation of up to 4 / 5 of the liquid. What it gets it is easily storable. Adding the missing water (4 parts water to one of milk) you can get a nice food which used in many culinary uses. In England it is used for tea and condensed milk, undiluted. Keep this condensed milk in glass containers with a wide neck.

There are different packages on the market whether or not sweetened condensed milk in jars and in tubes, used for practical, high caloric value. Some brands of sweetened condensed whole milk can be used as a cream and it can even fit them into flakes. They can then replace the cream, if you are unable to supply.

Equally there are many types of milk powder, some instantly soluble in hot or cold liquid, others to dissolve thoroughly in water and simmer for a while. The first type of milk obtained with more sophisticated techniques is far more similar to the original product and is typically offered in three levels of fat. Milk fat is absolutely integral to that, therefore suitable for diets that require foods that are low fat.

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