Cooking butter

The butter melts at 30-31 degrees and burn at fairly low temperatures. We must prevent darkening at this point, gradually adding pieces of butter. Having briskly fry some meat or some fish, such as in the preparations, “Meunière”, is preferable to’ fry ‘a delicate oil seeds, then fried on a dry absorbent paper and serve sprinkled with golden melted butter or flavored sage.

Some say that butter retains all the properties of added raw foods to cooked. It is not yet documented the fact that butter is more digestible than raw or slightly golden cast. Instead, harmful to the liver is the “burnt” butter or “black butter” which, like any fat beyond a certain point of cooking burns producing toxins. It is easy to identify the point of cooking for the “color”.

So “golden” butter is good, accepted, but “burnt” butter no. Preparations with raw butter added to vegetables, pasta or rice boiled and hot, are all English recipes.

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