Correcting serotonin deficiency

I believe that low serotonin levels may be causing some unwanted symptoms in my children and myself. We have mood swings, headaches, allergies to food and pollen, milk intolerance, exhaustion, poor concentration, food cravings, depression, etc. My entire family – including my siblings, nieces and nephews – have these complaints. And all of my research leads me to believe that a healthy diet and vitamins may be the answer. Where do I start and where can I get more information on the topic?

Serotonin is a chemical substance that’s found in the brain and other tissues. It comes from an amino acid called tryptophan, which itself comes from rich protein sources such as turkey and milk. Since most people get plenty of dietary protein, it’s unlikely that you’re tryptophan-deficient.

I’m not sure why you have low serotonin levels. Certainly, the symptoms you describe can be related to a number of conditions. And yes, a healthful diet – with plenty of milk, low-fat meat, fruits and vegetables – would benefit your family in many ways. But if your physician has evaluated you and your family, he or she can surely tell you more about the causes of and remedies for your symptoms.

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  1. Thank you Jorjette for clarifying this.
    Is there any test that evaluate the serotonin level ?

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