Cream substitute – Southern Comfort

If your credo for cream is “the-heavier-the-better,” you’ll adore this thick, luscious pretend cream that won’t go to your waist. This stuff “even looks like the real thing,” says Enola Prudhomme, owner of Prudhomme’s Cajun Cafe in Carencro, Louisiana, who devised it.

Blend equal amounts of 1 percent cottage cheese and evaporated skim milk for 1 to 2 minutes. Refrigerate in a tightly closed jar (up to one month) and pop it out whenever you yearn for creaminess. Add to a pan of sauteed shrimp or chicken tenders (shake in some poultry seasoning) and cook about 7 minutes. And the same sauce mixture, sweetened and flavored (try vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg) can jazz up desserts like fresh fruit or baked apples.

1/2 c. = 121 cal., 0.9 g. fat

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