Creole Rice

It is almost like the rice pilaff. It is also fried in a large pan with a piece of butter in which we add a chopped onion, brown lightly. We combine with rice, washed two or three times, and let roast for a few minutes, always stirring with a wooden spoon.

Then we cover the rice with double the amount of hot liquid (eg 200 g of rice and 400 g of broth or water, slightly salty). We boil it at a very slow temperature, stretch well the rice on the bottom and then cover the pan with wax paper and greased. It is already prepared to leave in the oven preheated to 240 ° for about twenty minutes. The liquid is what gives flavor to the rice and therefore, according to the plate to do, will work or good beef stock or vegetable, or fish, or, as in some countries, particularly milk, coconut flavored rice.

The liquid should have a degree of light curing because during cooking, there is a slight evaporation that increases the taste.

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