Crohn’s Disease – what do you do to stay in a good mood?

The one constant about Crohn’s Disease is that sooner or later you’re going to have some pain. When that happens, what do you do to stay in a good mood? Send in a comment, your methods and we can all help each other on the next unscheduled day off.

Webmaster says: I enjoy playing Nintendo, reading a good book, or watching an old episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 when I’m ill. A few rounds of Mario Kart 64 or a viewing of “Manos: The Hands of Fate” can really help me to forget my problems.

Kelsey says: When I get a flare-up, I try meditating. I know it sounds weird, but it is probably one of the best things you can do!! Simply find a quiet space where there is no noise and no one else and lie on your back. Lay your arms next to you with your palms up. It is best to do this on the floor with a small pillow and a blanket because body temperture usually drops. Start with your feet and move up your body until you are totally relaxed. Get every single thought out of your mind. Then slowly imagine that you are sinking into the floor, then down underground until you get to the center of the earth. then go back to where you relax your feet and repeat until you get to the stomach area. When you get here, “fill it with a color.” Yellows, pinks, and violets are best. If you do this correctly it will take you anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. It is best to do this right after you wake up nd right before bed. Also at school when you take tests it may help to ask a teacher right before the test to go into the bathroom or clinic or other quiet place and do this. Don’t be embarrased about asking, your teacher will understand! This reduces the stress before and after the test so hopefully you won’t end up with a flare-up!!

Ross says: When I have a Crohn’s flare up and I am having one at the moment I find that watching a movie or playing my Playstation help.

Elizabeth advises: During a flare up, I find that taking a few slow deep breaths really helps with pain and spasms.

Tyler says: When I have a flare-up I like to play my guitar, I find it takes my mind off of the pain.

Susan says: I recommend writing in a diary. It feels good to get the thoughts down on paper and get them out of your body.

Randy says: One way I get over the flare ups of Crohn’s is hunching over my knees. This really lessens the pains. I know its happened to me many times.

Cherri says: When I get a flare up I lay down, flat on my bed or floor with my feet up against the wall. for a second it’s the same then its gone. Anonymous says: When I get a flare- up, I unbutton the top button of my jeans (it’s more comfortable that way), and take a deep breath from deep down in my stomach. If I do this a few times it helps. Also, if I get a really bed cramp, I usually grab the edge of a table or something and stay REALLY STILL until it passes.

From Helen: This might sound strange but when I get pains I bite something! Normally my finger (but not to hard) as that causes a different pain to take your mind off the stomach pains, but anything works or a cushion, actually anything.

From Stacy: When I get a flare I also can get depressed. What I do (since I am a big movie fanatic) is I find a movie that will suit my mood and make it better. For example if I am in so much pain that I want to cry…I get a really sad movie and watch it. If my stomach is aching but not in a double-over pain then I might find a comedy or scary movie. Also, sit in a comfy place and if your stomach can take it eat Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I am sorry to say that this does not help any pain go away, but for some reason it is a classic remedy between my friends and I.

From Anonymous: When you feel the pain coming on… sit on a chair and bed over your knees. Concentrate on your breathing, listen to it, control it, count it. You end up concentrating so much on your breathing that the pain subsides.

From Aaron: The greatest advice I have for those with Crohn’s or Colitis is to keep your chin up and stay positive. Believe it or not, attitude can play a major role in coping with IBD. Although I was formally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease this morning (after a colonoscopy), I have experienced many symptoms for nearly two years. While fighting through the physical pain has been extremely difficult at times, I constantly remind myself that I won’t let the disease hold me back. Like many other sufferers, I am only 18 years old. And I have no intention of simply giving in and sulking in self-pity. So next time IBD gets you down, try to keep a positive frame of mind. Remember that you have your whole life ahead, and you won’t let IBD stop you from making the most of it!!! Any questions, reactions, etc? After all, we can all use a helping hand.

From Kimberly: This may sound strange, but it works! Read a book on pain management during labor and child birth. The breathing techniques and focusing method discussed are a great method! When the flare up starts I start doing the breathing and distraction just like I was having a contraction.

Heat1 says: I try to visualize myself in my favorite place. A little island in Florida. I imagine myself there and have fun. It helps but try to be in a quiet area or it can be more stressful and that is NOT what you need!! Hope this helps you!!

Beau says: I find that cuddling with my dog is one of the great ways to be happy, but if my dog is not available or if I just don’t want to for some reason I follow my other passion, studying War history. I know it might sound lame but I can get so lost in it that I never realize what’s going on. So my best advice would be to find a passion, and pursue it when your sick.

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