Curing with Cayenne

The Tibet monks have been using cayenne for centuries, and Tibet is closer to Russia, than to America, so living there I heard a lot of stories how these monks were performing miracles, for them to cure cancer is like curing flu or sore throat, and one of the substancies used by them is cayenne. My mom was there, and monks cured her, and when she came back she was advicing me to be taking cayenne on everyday basis, but in that times I was so young and healthy that nothing could make me to” burn my mouth” with this hot thing. But now…

So, as far as could understand – no cayenne is good from the pharmaceutical bottles.
1) Where to buy? How to dry it? or How to prepare it right?
2) Dosages vary depending on disease. In my case it is poor blood circulation (legs and head). How much should I take, when (before or with the meal), etc.?

I use cayenne a lot for medicinal purposes. I have a mixture that I make with vinegar, cayenne and garlic. I crush the cayenne and garlic and heat it in a little bit of vinegar. It tastes nasty, but seems to help with colds and other misc. infections.

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