Do cysts lead to breast cancer?

Q: I recently had a cyst aspirated from my breast. Is this the end of it? Will it recur? Is there a threat of cancer developing later on?

A: Having one breast cyst does not necessarily mean you’ll have more, and, in most cases, has no connection with an increased risk of breast cancer.

I recommend the following nutritional approach for fibrocystic breasts: avoid all caffeine; use minimal alcohol; eat a diet high in fiber, fruits and veggies; and eat a lower fat diet. In addition, take the following supplements:

  • Vitamin E – 400-800 I.U. a day
  • Evening primrose oil – 1,500-3,000 mg. a day

You might want to have your breasts examined two to three times a year instead of once yearly, to help monitor the cyst situation and help ease your mind.

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