Do Fast Tracks and Airwalkers Measure Up?

How do airwalkers and fast tracks rate?

What do you think of Fast Tracks and Airwalkers as part of a walking program? I have both and also walk four miles 4 to 5 days a week, but I’m still not losing any weight. How long would I have to work out on these walking machines to get the same benefits as outdoor walking?

I have used both the Fast Track and Proform’s Airwalker. Because these walking machines are no-impact, they may burn fewer calories than walking outside, but I have not seen any statistics on burn.

However, if you enjoy the variety, by all means use these machines. To maximize your indoor workout, make sure your heart rate matches the rate you exercise at outdoors. It may take greater speed on these machines to get the same benefit as your outdoor walk, especially if it is on uneven terrain.

The fact that you are not losing weight may just mean that you need to watch your food intake as much as your exercise output! (That’s always been a problem for me.) There’s a limit to how many calories you can walk off.

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