Do You Need More Than Five-a-Day?

Did you know that the five-a-day rule — eat at least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day to help prevent cancer — is not one-size-fits-all?

Do You Need More Than Five-a-Day? 1

According to the US government’s Food Guide Pyramid, if you eat more than 1,600 calories a day — that’s many women and almost all men — you should be aiming for up to nine-a-day!

Do You Need More Than Five-a-Day? 2 Find your calorie level to see what you really need:

  • 1,600 calories — most sedentary women, many older adults. You need three veggies and two fruits.
  • 2,200 calories — active women, sedentary men. You need four veggies and three fruits.
  • 2,800 calories — active men, some very active women. You need five veggies and four fruits.

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