Why is it advisable to drink water in the morning

Older and newer studies talk about the quality of water that we drink. These studies show that there are few people that acknowledges the importance of the water consumed during lifelong daily. Return to nature, to follow a diet aimed to clean up the blood of toxins such as finding the main effect, waking up the body intelligence, we can choose what is suitable for us. Drink water, first thing in the morning!

drink water in the morning

Why is it advisable to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach?

It is known that water may store any information, in addition to the items they dissolved. The qualities can be improved by antioxidants or through simple means: boiling or energizing in the Sun. The quality can be increased with the help of clays or tourmaline, the stone which is the source of negative ions necessary staged processes in the body.

Why is it advisable to drink water in the morning

For those who are having a drastic treatment of  Detox or treatment, there are various types of water. It is known the cure with distilled water, which is recommended for cancer patients, or with blue water rig in containers for sick stomach.

There is radioactive water, the mineral or magnetized positive or negative, depending on the condition that you want to be treated. In the West there are shops selling the abysmal water, taken from very deep places of the sea and desalinated waters, glaciers, rivers with vanadium,  and of course water exposed to vibration of a special harmony. Another, called “water plant” is alkaline, like soft water plant or water sprouts.But whatever you choose to water consumed, it must be as clean as possible.

A glass of water in the morning invigorates your entire body!

Whether you feel it or not, after one night of sleep your body is dehydrated, so before drinking a cup of coffee (beware, coffee dehydrates) or tea and before breakfast, drink a glass of water at the room temperature and, if you like the idea, add a half of lemon! The lemon will give your skin glow, will help purify the body, removing constipation and improving digestion.
Besides all this, in the morning will not only revive instantly and will work faster than the hottest coffee, but will give you good feeling that you did something for your health.

Also, a glass of water in the morning has a strong effect on the metabolism, helping you to get rid of extra pounds. By the way, it seems that people who drink water, about 2 liters per day, burn 70 more calories throughout the day, so why not to start from the morning?

Water in the morning on an empty stomach is extremely important for detoxification. It eliminates toxins and cleanses the entire digestive system, preparing the stomach for the first meal and helping to better absorption of vitamins and minerals from food. Also, the habit of drinking water in the morning helps to purify the blood, improve circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Drink water in the morning for extra life!

It is not difficult and you will quickly adopt the habit of drinking a glass of water in the morning. You will enjoy the energy of life each day.

Good morning! :)

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