Earth secrets

Things we don not know for sure – how it’s happening, how was created, how it is. Questions that people do not know the answer!

Constellation Changes

Science fiction spaceships zoom to the farthest stars. If we could travel across light-years, the stars would shift position around us. A reader asks how that would alter the constellations? Bill Dockery in Tennessee asks, “How far would you have to travel through space before you noticed a change in the shape of the constellations?” …

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Dancing the Light Fantastic

“A miniature green machine” may one day stockpile energy for later use, perhaps by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. One of the two main components in this artificial photosynthesis system, the light antenna, is borrowed directly from nature. In a photosynthetic system, the antenna absorbs sunlight, converts it to electronic excitation and transfers the …

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