Earth secrets

Things we don not know for sure – how it’s happening, how was created, how it is. Questions that people do not know the answer!

Nanotechnology with ralph merkle

About nanotechnology with Ralph Merkle – What exactly is it?

Nanotechnology involves working with extremely small things — things that can be measured in nanometers. A nanometer is one millionth the size of a pinhead. That’s also about the width of ten hydrogen atoms laid out side by side. Scientists in many fields — from medicine to computing to materials science — are attempting to …

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Glacier lake floods

Glaciers Lakes Floods

Glaciers in the mountains of India, Nepal, and Tibet are melting . . . Lakes sometimes form on top of the glaciers. When they grow too rapidly, they burst over natural rocky dams and surge down river valleys — with the potential to destroy villages below. Japanese scientists spotted this hazard in the Himalayas in …

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Ancient Rainfall

On clues to the pattern of future rainfall in the Middle East — that might be buried in the past. Scientists at the Geological Survey in Israel hope to determine the last 4,000 years of rainfall in the Eastern Mediterranean region — by dissecting cave formations. When rainwater soaks into the Earth, it percolates downward, …

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Water to Shore

In 1776, Ben Franklin left Philadelphia by ship for France. By carefully measuring water temperatures along the way, he was able to map the Gulf Stream. The motion of waves just moves a column or molecule of water up and down. Wouldn’t that mean that some water never hits a shore? All water — even …

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