Elderberry – red, black or blue variety

Is your Elderberry a red or black or blue variety? The red variety has been reported to be poisonous in some areas. Maybe others can confirm or refute this info.

The raw fruit can cause some problem in some people. I have eaten small amounts to raw black elderberries that grow locally with no ill affects.

Elderberries (Sambucus spp.) grow wild in moist, mountainous areas along streams and creeks in fertile soil. They are fairly hardy. The bushes that grow around me are about 6-8 feet tall, open with the flowers and
berries produced on the top. I noticed that they did have some winter damage this year. Our lowest temp this last winter was about -28F. They are currently in full bloom.

You can dry Elderberries.

To make Elderberry pie, stew the dry berries with a minimum amount of water to make 4 cups. Add flour to thicken, add sugar to taste (1 1/2 cups) and butter. Pour into pie shell cover with top crust and bake in
preheated moderate oven (350F degrees) for 45 minutes.

To make Elder flower pancakes briefly stir flowers into thin pancakebatter.

To make Elder Flower Fritters dip in fritter batter and deep fry.

To make Elderberry jam or jelly use recipe for apples and substitute half with elderberries.

You can use any recipe for berry wines and cordials substituting Elderberries.

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