Exercising together

Q: My husband and I want to exercise together, but we’re at different fitness levels. He gets bored walking, and I can’t keep up if we jog. Any suggestions?

A: Whether you exercise at the gym or at home, try working out on treadmills or other side-by-side exercise equipment. Then you can enjoy each other’s company while exercising at your own pace.

If you prefer being outdoors, try a bicycle built for two. Called tandems, these bikes level the playing field. For success, put the stronger person in the front (a two-seater is harder to steer and balance than a regular bike). The person in the back usually lacks brakes and a view of the road, but has the luxury of enjoying the scenery (and I don’t mean your partner’s backside). If you’re there, you still have to pedal!

Another option: Take up an activity that’s new to both of you. Tennis, ballroom dancing, and inline skating are all strenuous activities you can do together. This time, you’ll both be starting at ground zero.


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