Find your fat-burning heart rate

When I walk, I have a lower heart rate than when I spin-cycle. Does the lower heart rate or the higher one make fat burn better? I’m really confused.

I’m not surprised that you are confused. First of all, I would need to know your age to determine the best pulse or heart rate for an aerobic workout.

The formula for figuring out your range is to subtract your age from 220. That gives you your maximum rate. Sixty to 80% of maximum would be your aerobic heart rate. Some people favor a slower pace so they can last longer. Others like to go faster and get their heart rate higher so they burn more calories quicker. It’s a matter of personal choice what will serve your needs best. All activity burns fat and calories in the long run.

For a while, experts believed that staying in a less intense range might burn more fat, but the research supporting this position has since been reevaluated. Keep one thing in mind: Fast or slow, you’re burning.

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