Finicky about meat

My 2-year-old daughter won’t eat meat or chew her food. She prefers to eat mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes either alone or mixed with broccoli. When I do cook meat and cut it into small pieces for her, she eats only a few pieces. If she doesn’t start to chew, how can I train her to use her teeth now that her first tooth is in? Also, is she missing out on nutrients because she won’t eat meat?

Assuming your daughter is otherwise healthy, it’s not unusual for children to be “lazy” when it comes to chewing meat at meals. It usually has nothing to do with their ability to chew, but rather, their lack of desire to eat meat.

If you think about it, I’ll bet your daughter chews foods of even tougher consistency than meat: chips, cookies and apples, for example. I think it would be better to stop giving her meat at least for a while, you should try giving her anything else.

A child can grow even without eating meat. A already know many vegetarian kids and they are healthy and normal.

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