Flavored sugars

The sugars that are used mainly in bakery for cakes, jams and marmalades and arising in the normal replacement of sugar have a different preparation. Examples include more frequent use.


Dry in the oven 50 g anise seeds wrapped in aluminum foil and then get pounded in a mortar with 500 g of granulated sugar. Everything is strained and placed in a sealed glass jar, which will keep dry. This sugar is used for making pastries and “petits-fours.”


Chop finely 60 g cinnamon with 25 g of sugar (which will absorb the flavor and aroma of cinnamon). Having beaten the mixture in a mortar, joining other 25 g of sugar, you pass through a sieve. Put back in the mortar the mixture, combine with other 450 g of sugar cubes and tamp well, then you switch back to the sieve. Sugar worked like I described is placed in a glass jar tightly closed and store in a dry place.


You grate the yellow part of an orange over a few lumps of sugar being careful not to reach the white part which is bitter. When the rind has the colorful cubes on the surface, are dried on the oven, at a minimum temperature of 80 °. The sugar is passed through a sieve and stored in tightly sealed glass jars.

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